Why Queen Elizabeth II of the United Kingdom Can’t Cry in Public

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Why Queen Elizabeth II of the United Kingdom Can't Cry in Public

We know many details about the queen Elizabeth II of the United Kingdom: from how she chooses the clothes she wears every day, why can’t anyone touch his wallet, the unique care that their 165 dairy cows, until how will your funerals be the day you cease to exist. But there is one in particular that many followers of the royals they comment often and that is not strictly true: why the queen cannot cry in public. This is what the experts say royalty British.

“There have been more times he has cried than people remember”revealed Sally Bedell Smith, the renowned biographer of the queen and some members of the British royal family. It happened at his sister’s funeralMargaret of the United Kingdom, in 2002, the people who were seated near the queen revealed to Bedell Smith that she was “very tearful” and “saddest I have ever seen her”.

But that idea many believe that the Queen of England rarely breaks down and shows emotion in public it is due in part to his 69 years on the throne. Quite apart from the fact that it is known that the monarch strictly follows the rules and protocols of British royalty, Elizabeth II has been in command for many years and that has allowed her to learn to hide her feelings when necessary.

Another occasion where Elizabeth II repressed her pain and maintained her composure occurred on April 17 at the funeral of her husband, Prince Philip of Edinburgh, who died at the age of 99. The 94-year-old monarch she was very calm and serene during the ceremony at Windsor Castle.

Her second son of the queen, Prince Andrew of York, revealed details of how the queen was feeling those days. “The queen, unsurprisingly, is an incredibly stoic person.”said the Duke of York. “She described [la muerte de Felipe] like a great void that has been left in his life. But we, her family, those of us who are close, are gathered to make sure that we are there to support her “.

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