Why Sky Rojo is not at the height of La Casa de Papel

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The arrival of Sky Red Netflix has not been slow to raise controversy. The series, which follows the lives of Wendy, Coral and Gina, who escape from their pimps, opened the debate on the portrait that was made of sexual exploitation and machismo, something very different from what happened with The Money Heist which reaped great success from the first moment.

So much Sky Red What The Money Heist They were created by the same person: Álex Pina. That is why, after the furor generated by the series of The Professor and his band, there was much speculation about how the strip starring Lali Espósito, Verónica Sánchez and Yany Prado would be carried out, which, in fact, on July 23 it will premiere its second season.

But beyond the wink to The Money Heist who makes the fiction of pimps or being the idea of ​​Álex Pina, Sky Red it still does not measure up to the strip of the most famous robbers in the world. It is that, although they have certain similarities, there are many other things that were lacking to achieve the level of the first series of Pina.

3 reasons why Sky Rojo still doesn’t measure up to La Casa de Papel:

1. It generated controversy:

Despite the fact that, when it was released, La Casa de Papel generated controversy because the robbers were seen as the good guys and the Civil Guard as the bad guys, Sky Rojo surpassed it in controversy. The exploration into prostitution was the one that undid the success of the last strip since it was not entirely clear if it was taken as a joke or they could not express their ideas well.

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2. The staging:

It should be noted that Sky Rojo travels through Spain and that the characters have super colorful costumes. But, even so, La Casa de Papel achieved an incomparable scenography recreating La Fábrica de Moneda y Timbre and the Banco Nacional de España.

3. Frantic rhythm

As for the dynamics offered by both, it must be said that La Casa de Papel loses points. But, in Sky Rojo, when going so fast in its dynamics, the plot is lost and, this does not give the viewer truce to glimpse the delicate subject it deals with.

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