“Why the Amnesia? Unraveling the Mystery of ‘Swifties’ and their Lack of Recollection after Taylor Swift Concerts”

By: MRT Desk

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Witchcraft or Illuminati event? This is what some fans of Taylor Swift are starting to question after realizing they cannot remember anything after attending one of her concerts. Reports on Reddit have disclosed that attendees often do not recall and are confused about what happened before and after the show. One fan expressed her experience on Twitter, claiming to attend “The Eras Tour” in Houston, Texas, in April but not remembering what took place after the concert. Others have shared similar stories on Twitter, confessing that they cannot recall adoring performances of Taylor’s most loved songs like “Blank Space” or “Anti-Hero.”

Some Swifties are suggesting that Taylor Swift cast a spell on them throughout the Willow melody, which they consider to be “satanic.” Nevertheless, the fans are confident they attended the show since they have pictures and videos to prove it. However, according to Time magazine, there is a more rational explanation.

Ewan McNay, a professor of the Department of Psychology at State University of New York, explained that the brain’s amygdala releases the neurotransmitter norepinephrine when exposed to intense emotions like euphoria. Norepinephrine supports memories to be stored with a higher priority, making it easier to recall them later. Nevertheless, at Taylor Swift concerts, attendees often experience so many emotions that their body interprets them as stress, causing difficulty for memory to be retained.

McNay further clarified that stressful circumstances restrict the activation of neurons; thus, it becomes challenging for memory to be processed. He also explained that it is not rare for this type of occurrence and can similarly transpire when someone experiences emotional stress or in a cathartic state.

In conclusion, the missing memory effect after attending a Taylor Swift concert is not an act of witchcraft or an Illuminati event but a simple scientific explanation. So, Swifties, don’t fear being under her spell, as you are just experiencing a natural and ordinary bodily response to her unforgettable performances.

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