Why the Black Widow Premiere May Fail Outside the United States

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Just one day was enough for Black Widow to become in the most watched premiere in theaters in the United States in times of pandemic. The movie of Disney+ surpassed Fast & Furious 9 to rank as the highest grossing since March 2020. However, internationally it faces a stumbling block that can reduce its audience numbers considerably to the point of making it fail. What is it about?

A comprehensive report of Variety detailed that the film starring Scarlett Johansson plans to raise $ 80 million in its first weekend on the billboard. To that figure we must add the 50 million it will generate in the rest of the world, but that has an important exception: China.

In the Asian country, tapes must undergo strict screening before being released to theaters. Although in March the local authorities approved the production without censoring anything, They haven’t set an official release date yet. In this way, Black Widow is lost million chinese who are possible viewers.

To make matters worse, there is an even greater stumbling block in this situation: the longer the film is delayed in theaters, the more Chinese will see it through piracy (where it is already with subtitles in your language). What’s more, Disney + does not operate in China and that makes the possibility of seeing Black Widow legally impossible.

Why isn’t China releasing Black Widow?

The decision of the Government of Xi Jinping It is in the framework of the festivities for the Centenary of the Communist Party which was fulfilled on July 1. Following the tribute, China wants to prioritize local films or even to tapes that have to do with the history of the party. The projections speak that only in August more possibilities will open and that is where Black Widow can enter.

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To get an idea of ​​what the Chinese market means in the film industry, you only need to go back to last March when Avatar was relaunched in that country and in one day $ 12 million of collection that allowed it to rank as the highest grossing movie in history beating Avengers: Endgame.

If you prefer to see Black Widow from the comfort of your home, this is your opportunity to subscribe to Disney+. How to do it? Enter this link and follow the simple steps.

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