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Why the first and only date of Livia Brito and Daniel Arenas failed

Since its premiere in July 2021, “The soulless”Leads the primetime of Mexican television, as if to ratify the interest that the facet of Livia Brito as an actress, away from scandals, although not from social networks, where he closed September with a revealing transmission, where, among things, he told details of his private life and the closeness he once had with the actor, too Daniel Arenas.

Born in Cuba but adopted by Mexico, Brito is an active user of the networks, where she does not hesitate to share her day to day with, for example, her more than 6.3 million followers in . In fact, the actress can be a bit more daring than other television figures and go out of her way, from time to time, with her own fans.

Did you know Livia Brito ever considered being more than a friend to Daniel Arenas? The artists even had a date, but a foolish comment from the actor ruined any possibility of ‘hanging out’ with him.

What surprised the thousands of followers of Livia Brito is that the actress of Cuban origin spoke from her preferred position in sex to the smallest details of when she lost her virginity. It was then that a curious person asked him about Arenas, who was his partner in the soap opera “Doctors, life line”.

I was going to hang out with Daniel Arenas, but it didn’t happen. I don’t know why, as we didn’t have the chemistry to be dating “, the figure of Televisa soap operas counted without regret.

The detail of the anecdote with Arenas came later. Brito revealed that the Colombian interpreter made a comment about his appearance that all he did was want to finish the evening as soon as possible.

“We go out to the movies or to eat, I don’t remember, and I remember that I was finishing a play and the very beggar told me: ‘Hey, do you always wear makeup like this?’. And I am like that, I mean I’m in a play, I had one eye made up up to here, the eyelash was like three eyelashes and I was all tired, dead from exhaustion. In other words, and I always walk with a washed face, I don’t like to put on makeup ”, stated the actress.

“And it was that question that I said, ‘Oh no, you know what? Bye. You are an actor just like me and you don’t know that I’m wearing makeup because I just got back from the theater. And there it was like for a best friend, the artist finished.

Livia Brito and José Ron wowed viewers with their performances in 2014 when they starred in the Mexican soap opera “Italian girl is coming to get married”. It is said that during the recordings of this novel is when love arose.

However, at that time the Cuban actress had a relationship of approximately 9 years with the Colombian singer Danny FrankBut, apparently, the attraction he felt for his co-star was stronger than he was unfaithful to his partner.

While he was still with José Ron, in 2015 an audio was uncovered in which it was revealed that the Cuban woman was unfaithful to her compatriot Lenny de la Rosa, which at the same time was with the singer Fey. After this scandal the romance would have come to an end. There is not much information about it, as the actors never confirmed that they had a relationship.

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