“Why the Glamorous Era of the Met Gala Should Come to a Close”

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The Met Gala: A Spectacle of Controversy and Disappointment

If yesterday’s Met Gala had included a soundtrack, it would have been Sarah Brightman singing ‘Time To Say Goodbye’ while Anna Wintour’s army of handpicked celebrities walked the red carpet, trying to compete to see who would make the most headlines.

A Pop Culture Moment?

I’ve always followed the Met Gala. I mean, of course, it’s unpleasant. Legendary fashion editor Anna Wintour’s annual exclusive event may be more Mean Girls than charity spectacular, considering the Vogue icon decides who gets in and who doesn’t every year. But for the most part, the gala is a pop culture moment.

The 2019 Met Gala Fiasco

Yet this year the Met Gala fell flat on her perfectly made-up face. The monochrome theme was both dull and boring: not even Kim Kardashian, usually the Gala’s most reliable headline-grabber, could save this drab fiasco from flop. Oh wait: Jared Leto dressed up as a cat. But tedium was the least of the Gala’s problems.

A Questionable Choice of Theme

The main problem lay in the choice of theme for the event: “Karl Lagerfeld: A Line of Beauty,” which honored the Lagerfeld’s “Complete Life and Work”. Attendees were invited to dress “in honor of Karl.” Despite assurances that the event would focus on “deeds rather than words,” the gala was less a tribute to Lagerfeld’s creations than a homage to the designer himself, confirmed by attendees ranging from Dua Lipa to Nicole Kidman, who spoke about Lagerfeld while out on the red carpet.

Controversial Figure

Not sure what Wintour was thinking when she decided on this year’s theme, but her Choosing, among all the possible themes, to honor such a controversial figure speaks volumes about fashion and Hollywood’s ongoing problem with women. Lagerfeld, who died in 2019, was a fashion giant.

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Toxic Views

He may have been a fashion genius, but toxic views cannot be washed away from him: is there really a reason to celebrate him at an event of such prestige and cultural influence? Except, perhaps, to lend credibility to his outrageous views?

Criticism and Protest

The event did not go without protest, however; although it was not something recognized during the red carpet. The founder of Model Alliance, which advocates for model rights and safety, Sara Ziff, said: “The choice to honor Lagerfeld represents the dissonance of an industry that claims to be progressive, that celebrates body positivity and survivors for one side, and then bows down to figures like Lagerfeld without even acknowledging their regressive views.”

Retaining Cultural Influence

If Wintour wants to keep the cultural influence of the Met Gala and retain its relevance and public interest, then you will have to get your act together for next year.

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