Why the members of La Casa de Papel wear red overalls

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The wait is over. From this Friday the episodes of the first volume of the fifth season of The Money Heist. The Spanish series reached Netflix with the first five episodes of what will be the last installment of the show. Since 2017, it is one of the most viewed productions in the platform’s catalog, which managed to impose its wardrobe and there is practically no one who does not recognize it.

Over 600 coveralls have been worn since the beginning of the series. (Netflix)

If you ever wondered what is the origin of the wardrobe of The Money Heist, His answer was given by some of those responsible for the series, among which were his director of photography, Migue Amoedo, and the person responsible for interpreting the Teacher, Alvaro Death. The series of Alex Pina characterized his famous thieves with a red jumpsuit and a mask of Salvador Dali. In relation to the latter, not only were there some problems with the artist’s family, but the possibility of using another character to cover their faces was also considered: Don Quixote.

“What this mask represents the most is that spirit of resistance that I think we should all have in the face of any injustice”, assured Death in relation to the figure of Dalí. This idea is similar to the one seen in V for Vendetta, with Hugo Weaving as the main bearer of the mask Guy Fawkes.

To explain the origin of the red overalls, it is necessary to resort to a conference in which some actors from The Money Heist With Migue Amoedo, which was shared by Antenna 3. It was precisely the director of photography who revealed the origin of color: “We discovered in Vis a Vis that yellow gave a very strong visual identity. We wanted to keep that “. Thus, he pointed out that the person responsible for choosing the color red gue Alex Pina. “We work on a range that strengthens the red. In this case we start from the dressing room “, he pointed coin. Along these lines, the creator of the series said: “We are always looking for icons. You have to distinguish yourself in some way, you have to have your own identity and DNA “.

The tribute to Quentin Tarantino from La Casa de Papel

Another of the distinctive details of The Money Heist it has to do with the names of the characters. Each of the thieves is recognized by the name of a city in the world, with which, in addition, they have some kind of connection. This decision was not random but involved a tribute to Quentin Tarantino.

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The Spanish series is inspired by the first film of Tarantino, Reservoir Dogs, where the diamond thieves were each given a color as a nickname to keep their true identities secret. In the case of the production of Alex Pina, the original idea was for criminals to use planet names but someone showed up with a shirt that said “Such”.

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