Why the new version of Scott Pilgrim for Netflix can disappoint

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Directed by Edgar Wright, Scott Pilgrim vs. the world became a cult movie. Now, you can have an adaptation again thanks to streaming and we’ll tell you the details.

When Baby Driver came to theaters, finished positioning Edgar Wright as one of today’s most beloved filmmakers. This is how several of his old films resurfaced, such as the cornetto trilogy (Shaun of the Dead, Hot Fuzz Y The World’s End), and much expectation was generated by its recent release, Last night in Soho. This review of his filmography made a film resurface as Scott Pilgrim vs. the world, which had originally been a box office flop for Universal Pictures but that with the passage of time became a cult story.

the plot of Scott Pilgrim vs. the world focuses on Scott, a young man who plays in a band and falls in love with the girl who delivers the mail on roller skates, Ramona Flowers. Thus, he will do everything possible to conquer her, until he manages to have a date with her and they start dating. However, this will bring its problems: all the ex-partners of Ramona will challenge him to a duel that he must win in order to maintain his courtship.

Scott Pilgrim vs. the world It was based on the graphic novel of the same name written by Brian Lee O’Malley which had six volumes that were published by Oni Press between 2004 and 2010. Now, he will return with a new adaptation, although this time it will be for the small screen. It will be through an anime that can be seen by Netflix and that will have O’Malley as a scriptwriter for the series Bendavid Grabinski What showrunner of history Wright will continue to be linked to the project, but this time as executive producer.

What is striking about the new project Netflix is the decision not to order a full season entry. It is as if on the platform they were not so sure of the performance of the series. In this sense, it should be noted what was mentioned above, the box office did not help the film, which only grossed 49 million dollars with a budget of almost 83 million. Therefore, Netflix approved only one pilot, and based on the result, they will decide whether to continue or not. It’s fair to say that it’s best to keep your expectations low so that the same thing doesn’t happen with Cowboy Bebop, which failed completely after one season.

Edgar Wright’s extravagant request in Scott Pilgrim vs. the world

Scott Pilgrim vs. the world It was an unprecedented film that managed to transfer the language of the graphic novel and that of the complex world of video games to a film that those who love it take care to highlight. The shooting was done not without some eccentricities on the part of the director Edgar Wright, who asked his directors not to blink when their characters were on screen. This was confirmed to Look who I found the actor Satya Bhabha, responsible for embodying Matt Patel: “Edgar it is very accurate with the image. The whole story was thought out to the smallest detail. It’s a comic, you don’t see people blinking in a comic, just the whites of their eyes.”.

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