Why the Ten Rings of Shang-Chi are so important in Marvel

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The ten rings proved to be objects of incalculable power within the Marvel Cinematic Universe. They helped Wenwu, the father of Shang-Chi, establish his criminal organization and continue to seek new sources of power over the years. Different sequences show these artifacts in action, with an energy that serves both as an impenetrable defense shield, and as lightning that attacks its opponent.

At MCU The rings are ten circular objects, while in graphic novels they are rings that go on the fingers and each one has a different function: Cold Waves, Illusion Powers, Electricity Rays, Infrared Radiation, White Light Waves, Absorption of Light, Ray of Disintegration, Ray of Vortexes, Ray of Impact and Control of Matter. In that sense, they are compared to Infinity Gems.

The incredible power of the Ten Rings

Another difference: in comic strips Ten rings They have extraterrestrial origin and are found on an alien ship by a descendant of the leader Genghis Khan who uses them to become the powerful conquering villain known as The Mandarin. At Marvel Cinematic Universe the legend tells that Wenwu would have found the artifacts in a tomb or a crater.

The truth is that in the MCU not even the brightest minds can recognize the origin and capabilities of Ten rings. Bruce Banner and Captain Marvel they are in awe of these artifacts and wonder where they come from. They compare them to vibranium, but everything indicates that they are even stronger than that metal.

Somewhat disturbing: when Shang-Chi used the rings for the first time, the artifacts began to emit a signal somewhere in the universe. Given that they are thousands of years old, the speculations did not wait. Are they weapons created by the Eternals? Will they have something to do with Kree o go Skrulls? The MCU Phase 4 it will surely answer those questions.

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