Why These Sony Headphones Look Like An Incredible Whim or Gift To Me

If there is a product that many users usually have on their wish list, that is none other than the noise canceling headphones from Sony, WH-1000XM4, a model that extends an incredible generation of high-end headphones with which Sony has managed to gain a foothold in the market with which to set the benchmark.

Did you want some? Well now is the best time to get them, giving you that Christmas whim that you deserve so much or giving happiness, because we are convinced that whoever you give it to will swear ‘eternal love’.

We are talking about headphones that have practically everything. Are comfortable, light, they have a good autonomy, their noise cancellation is among the best on the market and now they have a fantastic price.

Being of the headband type, these headphones are not intended for sports, however, their comfort and incredible noise cancellation make them the perfect ally to work concentrated, listen to music quietly or travel without knowing what is around you.

Their 40mm diaphragms They offer clear, crisp sounds with excellent bass, and its five built-in microphones cancel out outside noise, filtering out all context to let only people’s voices pass through. This mode of clarity is especially recognized in these headphones, and once you try it you cannot live without it.

The internal battery offers 30 hours of use at most, although the best thing is that we can get 5 hours of use by charging them for only 10 minutes. The most interesting thing is that it includes a presence detection system that is responsible for stopping the music and playing it again when we put on and take off the headphones.

The 1000XM3 are great, but these 1000XM4 they have been able to correct some details with which to make an even rounder product. The pads are now much softer, and throughout the time that I have been able to test them I have felt much less pressure than I felt with the previous generation models, without losing effectiveness in their noise cancellation system.

In addition, a new function included in the Bluetooth connection now allows connect two devices simultaneously, so you can be listening to music on your computer and receive a call from your cell phone at the same time. This is something that we could not do with the previous generation, so it is an important change for those users who manage multiple devices continuously.

We are talking about high-end headphones. Its usual price is 350 dollars or $ 8,300 pesos if they are in Mexico, so the offers that you can find now are one of the best opportunities you will have to get them at the best price.

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