Why use incense at home and how to choose the right one

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Have you ever used incense at home? If the answer is no, you should know that there are many good reasons that will make you decide to use it from now on, so let’s find out what they are and also, how to choose the right incense.

Why use incense at home and how to choose the right one

With the arrival of good weather, it seems that you want to change the look of the house a bit, and although we can always bet on placing some indoor plants, too The use of incense can be a success at home.

During the last year of the pandemic we have learned important that it turns out to maintain good air quality at home, something that can be achieved by ventilating and with the help of specific devices but also, we can also resort to frankincense that is full of benefits for the mind and body.

What is incense

Incense is a rubber resin obtained from the trunk of some plants. When burned, it gives off a strongly aromatic odor.or. There are different types of them and for some peoples, even today, it is considered a sacred resin.

Use of incense

There are several reasons why incense spreads through the air. Some think that it cleans the environments of negative energies. Others use it to promote meditation or to create a sacred space. Finally, there are those who think that it can activate the hippocampus and so on.

Using incense at home means, above all, wanting to perfume the environment. However, science also tells us about beneficial effects for the body. The olfactory stimulus derived from burning incense activates specific areas of the brain, including those of memory.

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What incense to choose

On the other hand, incenses can be used to purify the home. Each of them has peculiar qualities. Since there are so many on the market, we advise you to choose the one that best suits you based on your perceptions on the skin and how tuned you are to a certain scent.

How to perfume the house with incense

But let’s see how we proceed to perfume the house with incense. There are specific steps to follow. First, close the windows. Later, start burning the incense from the bottom up, starting from one corner and then gradually working towards the center of the room. The latter must stay closed for at least ten minutes. At the end of the operation, reopen the windows immediately.

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