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Why We're Skeptical of TikTok's Viral Car Scratch Hack

Why We’re Skeptical of TikTok’s Viral Car Scratch Hack

The frustrating reality is that you can’t entirely stop your car’s paint from chipping away over time. Sometimes, simple habits like resting your car keys on the vehicle while juggling multiple items can lead to unwanted scratches. There’s a popular DIY hack circulating on TikTok that suggests using a mixture of coconut oil and white vinegar to address these scratches. While this might seem like a clever solution, it has its limitations.

The idea behind this hack is that the coconut oil fills in the scuff marks, making them less noticeable. This method works on clear coat scuffs, which are superficial scratches that do not penetrate the car’s paint. However, once the mixture wears off and the coconut oil evaporates, the scratches become visible again. In essence, this is a temporary fix and may not be worth the effort.

Using this TikTok hack might leave you with a greasy vehicle. If you try to clean off the residue too aggressively, you risk making the scratches worse. It’s crucial to remember that while the coconut oil and vinegar mixture might temporarily improve the appearance of minor scratches, it won’t work on deeper ones that have damaged the car’s paint.

While there are various DIY methods for scratch removal that can offer some improvement, a permanent solution for more severe damage requires professional intervention. Taking your car to a professional auto body shop is the best way to address significant paint damage and ensure a long-lasting fix.

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