Why you shouldn’t know who looked at your WhatsApp profile picture

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Why you shouldn't know who looked at your WhatsApp profile picture

WhatsApp is one of the applications that many use to be able to exchange text messages, as well as photos, videos, GIFs, animated stickers, among others. But you can also make calls and video calls using the front camera of your smartphone. The latest update also allows you to modify the playback speed of your voice messages.

However, there are several tricks that have not been tested by most of its users: for example, there is a way to hide not only the profile photo of WhatsApp, but also the last connection time.

Faced with this, there are millions of people around the world who want to know if you can really know exactly who looked at your profile photo or presentation image. The vast majority turn to external programs that can endanger the privacy not only of your conversations, but also of your gallery.

Do you want to know who looked at your profile picture on WhatsApp? Here we tell you all the details of why you should not do it and what are the programs that promise to do it.

To begin, you must take into consideration that it is not possible to look at a list where it is detailed who observed the image of your WhatsApp since this could only break the privacy that the app promises to all its users.

Among the best-known applications that promise to provide you with this type of information are Y , both are in the Google Play store.

When installing them to your Android terminal, since it is impossible to do so on iPhones, you will be asked for permission to access not only your contact list, but also your gallery and information on your device, such as IMEI and even IP from where you connect.

Once they have uploaded the profiles that have supposedly seen your profile picture of WhatsApp, you will be asked to enter a payment method to access the complete list.

Among the comments left by users who have downloaded both applications mention that Profile Tracker for WhatsApp y Whats Tracker it just gives you a list of the three people you recently chatted with.

So be very careful with the applications you download to see who visited your WhatsApp profile photo in the last minutes because, in reality, it is impossible. There is no method.

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