Why you shouldn’t update to Android 12 if you want to use your Chromecast

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One of the most anticipated updates by smartphone users other than the bitten apple is Android 12. We have been talking about the new operating system for months, with its most anticipated developments and which are the first terminals to get the operating system first. But sometimes it is important to wait for the arrival of new updates that solve day one problems. And this that we are going to tell you now may be one of those ‘failures’ for which You should not update Android 12 if you want to use your Chromecast.

Don’t update to Android 12 yet

When updates come to your new terminals, it is always a great time for users. Big changes are coming to the devices, which improve their characteristics, although sometimes they lose them and it is a problem for many users in very specific cases. What we are going to tell you corresponds perfectly with one of the latter and is that There is a reason not to update to Android 12 anymore.

Yes, the new software is full of improvements, but there is a case where functions are lost. It turns out that if you want to use Chromecast you better not update the operating system. It turns out that Google has disabled the ability to adjust the volume from your smartphone. It seems to be such a basic feature that it is unlikely to occur, but there seem to be reasons.

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As they count in ReviewGeek, Google and the Sonos brand are in the middle of a litigation in which the sound hardware company accuses the big G of infringing on a number of patents. These are related to the development of sound devices, including the Chromecast themselves. We will still have to wait to find out how this process ends, but the truth is that it can go a long way.

Until this is solved there are only a few options: or increase the volume from the TV remote or from the Google Home app if you have it installed on your mobile. They are solutions that do not have much mystery, especially if we take into account that the function of the gadget is, among others, to receive the content of your mobile and broadcast it directly on your large screen that has its own volume control.


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