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Why Young Jackson Gibbs From 'NCIS: Origins' Looks Familiar

Why Young Jackson Gibbs From ‘NCIS: Origins’ Looks Familiar

Fans of late-1990s sci-fi action are likely familiar with Robert Taylor’s face, especially if he’s donning sunglasses. In 1999, Taylor captured attention as Agent Jones, one of the three sentient program antagonists in “The Matrix.” While Hugo Weaving’s Agent Smith serves as the primary nemesis with his increasing independence and intense hatred for humanity, Agent Jones has his share of memorable moments.

Perhaps Taylor’s most iconic scene is the rooftop fight where his character effortlessly dodges bullets fired by Neo, played by Keanu Reeves. When Jones returns fire, he compels Neo to execute his own backward-leaning bullet dodge. Though Neo is not entirely successful, this scene showcases his growing strength, making it one of the most pivotal moments in the entire Matrix timeline. It has also become one of the franchise’s most celebrated visuals.

Agent Jones appears only in the first movie of the original Matrix trilogy. Nevertheless, a version of the character makes an appearance in 2021’s “The Matrix: Resurrections.” Due to the ageless nature of the Agents, Taylor did not reprise the role; instead, Amadei Weiland took over as the character.

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