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Why Young Mike Franks from "NCIS: Origins" Seems So Familiar

Why Young Mike Franks from “NCIS: Origins” Seems So Familiar

Like many actors, Kyle Schmid began his career with smaller roles, featuring in minor and guest appearances, and holding a recurring role as Jordan Lynch in the AAC Kids show “I Was A Sixth Grade Alien!” As his career progressed, 2005 turned out to be a significant year for Schmid. Besides his part in “A History of Violence,” he was involved in six other projects, including the Vin Diesel comedy “The Pacifier.”

Schmid further honed his craft in 2007 by practicing for the “vampires called Henry” mini-niche he’d become known for on “Being Human.” He did this by portraying Henry Fitzroy on the Canadian vampire procedural “Blood Ties.” Additionally, he took on the recurring role of John Wayne Klinsasser on the David E. Kelley cop drama “Big Sky.” He also featured in several smaller movies such as the 2014 artist thriller “Dark Hearts” and the 2015 revenge story “88.”

Schmid’s versatility as an actor can often be seen in the numerous guest appearances he makes on popular TV shows. He has become somewhat of a guest star aficionado, with one-episode roles in a significant number of well-known series. These appearances include a Season 4 spot on “CSI: Miami,” where he played the telepathic villain Sebastian Kane on “Smallville.” He also appeared as Royal Flush Gang member Ace on “Arrow,” and made an appearance as Detective Noah Foster on “The Rookie.”

His range of roles demonstrates his ability to adapt to various genres and character types, making him a familiar face across a wide array of TV shows. His talent for slipping into different roles and adding something distinctive to each one is a testament to his skills and dedication as an actor.

Viewers looking to catch a glimpse of Schmid’s work should keep an eye on their favorite shows, as his appearances are often scattered across different genres and platforms. Whether it’s drama, comedy, or action, Schmid’s diverse portfolio ensures that he brings something unique and engaging to every performance.

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