Why You’re Not Receiving the WhatsApp Verification Code and How to Fix It

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The Most Important Instant Messaging Service in the World

The most important instant messaging service in the world, we are talking about WhatsApp, is characterized by providing users with different security and privacy functions, even from the beginning or when they are going to create a new account, since they must first verify that the telephone number by register in the application belongs to them.

Verifying Ownership of Your Phone Number

When you want to create a new account or register it on another mobile device, WhatsApp will ask you to prove ownership of the cell phone number, how? Simple, after receiving a verification code by SMS text message or phone call. It is undoubtedly an excellent security mechanism to prevent account impersonation.

Trouble Receiving the Verification Code?

However, millions of users have reported that they do not receive the popular “verification code” when they request it, either to register for the first time or when you want to open your account on another smartphone. What is the solution to this type of problem?

Steps to Receive the WhatsApp Verification Code

Remember that if you already have your account open and you receive this code without having asked for it, do not share it with anyone, they are trying to open your account on another cell phone. Do not request the code many times either, since WhatsApp would take it as an unusual activity and you would have to wait hours or even days to request it again.

  1. Restart your smartphone.
  2. Check your internet connection, whether you are connected to a Wi-Fi network or mobile data.
  3. If the code does not arrive by SMS, request it by phone call.
  4. Check for mobile coverage problems in your area.
  5. Contact your telephone service provider if necessary.
  6. Remove and re-insert the SIM card, ensuring it is not damaged.
  7. Check other messaging applications for the verification code.
  8. Delete WhatsApp data and cache to start fresh.
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Why Friends or Family Don’t Have a Profile Picture on WhatsApp

There can be a few reasons why your friends or family don’t have a profile picture on WhatsApp:

  • They didn’t add you: Some people have configured their WhatsApp account so that only their contacts can see their profile picture.
  • They deleted you: If you had seen the profile photo of your contact and it disappeared after an argument, they may have deleted you.
  • They blocked you: If you cannot see their profile photo, last online status, or other information, you may have been blocked.
  • Show the photo only for some: Users can choose who can see their profile photo under the “Settings” > “Privacy” option.
  • No profile photo: Some users simply haven’t added a profile photo.

Did you find these tricks interesting? WhatsApp is constantly changing and updating, so new shortcuts, codes, and tools are always coming out to enhance your experience.

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