Wildfires rage across Europe as climate alarm sounded

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In the midst of a very intense heat wave, forest fires do not subside in several European countries, where it is difficult to put out those that were already active and new outbreaks break out, forcing evacuation alerts to be issued in small towns.

On the Spanish Atlantic island of Tenerife, a fire continues to advance with a perimeter of 26 kilometers, but the extinguishing work to prevent the advance on its three fronts has been favored by a low-force wind, although the steep terrain makes it difficult to groundwork.

While new fires continue to be declared in the peninsular provinces of Burgos, Ávila, Zamora, and others.

In Burgos, three towns and the Santo Domingo de Silos monastery had to be evacuated, and four other towns in Zamora. Fires are also recorded in the regions of Galicia (northwest) and Castilla-La Mancha (center).

Meanwhile, Greece was fighting this Sunday against three large forest fires with the fear that the heat wave that is hitting the country will cause new incidents.

On the island of Lesbos, the fire that broke out on Saturday caused the evacuation of some 200 people from the town of Vryssa on Sunday, since the flames were 500 meters from some homes, the deputy mayor of western Lesbos told the radio. Skai.

On Sunday afternoon, the town of Stavros also had to be evacuated.

Since Saturday, Greece has suffered a heat wave that, according to forecasts, will last 10 days with temperatures of up to 42°C in some areas.

In the north of the country, firefighters, aided by volunteers, continue to fight for the fourth consecutive day against a violent fire in the Dadia National Park, the largest Natura 2000 site in Greece, known for its colony of vultures.

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