Will Anya Taylor-Joy live in Argentina again?

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Has only 25 years, has accumulated several series and movies box office throughout her career and established herself as one of the most beloved actresses of Hollywood. That’s how it is Anya Tayor-Joy, the protagonist of Last Night in Soho that arrived this year directed by Edgar Wright. It is that in addition to her great roles, the artist managed to empathize, above all, with the Argentine public: up to his six years he lived in Buenos Aires and she feels like a citizen of this country.

He was actually born in Miami, but then he moved to Argentina with his Spanish-English mother and his Scottish-Argentine father. Just when his primary education was beginning, they decided to go to London. Recently, in conversation with the media InStyle revealed: “At that time I was very angry at my parents for keeping me away from the horses, that’s why i refused to learn english”.

And while she was forced to adjust to her new life, the award-nominated actress Emmy and winner of the Golden Globe, He had to go through a very complicated process. “I used to stress over the fact that I didn’t have a house, it had no basis. I had no place to land”, He explained and made it clear that despite the fact that sometimes his life looks very interesting, it may not always be.

Protagonist of hits like Lady’s Gambit (Netflix) O Emma, is now preparing to start filming additional scenes in Iceland for The Northman, the next movie by Robert Eggers. And although it is already consolidated as one of the trend actresses of Hollywood, remember the times when it was not like this: “I grew up feeling that people didn’t like it or they didn’t trust me because they couldn’t pigeonhole me. I was always the Argentine girl in England and in the United States I was the English girl”.

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Taylor-Joy admitted: “In Argentina, it was the strange mix of both countries. So I never really belonged”. However, his memories of the Latin American country where his relatives still live are very good. “I have an American and a British passport. In addition, I have the Argentine residence, which makes me very happy because I would like to live there again”, He concluded.


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