Will Hellbound have season 2 on Netflix?

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In 2016, Train to Busan (that arrived in Latin America as Zombie Station) became one of the biggest hits for the South Korean film industry. Directed by Yeon Sang-ho, became the film that first reached 10 million viewers in the Asian country. The story told the details of a zombie plague in which, unlike the traditional clumsy style with which these beings were characterized, the infected gained an astonishing agility that made them completely lethal on a train that went from Seoul to Busan.

Now, Sang-ho was in charge of bringing a new horror fiction, which this time was given in the form of a series and did so through Netflix. Is about Hellbound, which was launched on November 19 and quickly became a success for the platform, where it continued on the path it had established months ago The Squid Game. To carry it out, he was inspired by the webtoon (digital comic) that he had created himself.

Hellbound focuses on a present in which sinners on Earth are informed of the exact moment they are going to die. When the clock strikes the indicated time, a creature will emerge, calcine them and drag them to hell, where they must atone for all the mistakes made while they were alive. The first installment consisted of 6 episodes in total that are already to be seen on Netflix.

The big question everyone is asking is what will happen to the second installment. As is known, the end of the first season of Hellbound He left some questions unanswered and also marked the return of one of the characters believed to be dead: Park young-yes, the woman who conveyed the moment in which she was about to be sentenced. For the moment, Netflix It was not expressed in relation to the continuity of the show, but everything indicates that it will come true and will only be seen at the end of 2022.

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The renewal of The Squid Game

For the anxious who still don’t know what will happen to Hellbound, relief should appear with what happened with The Squid Game. The series created by Hwang Dong-hyuk became the fiction that most unique accounts saw in the history of the platform, and despite that, the company led by Ted Sarandos It took a long time until the new delivery was confirmed. Without going any further, the only certainty that there will be new episodes was given by the show’s creator in an interview, something that has not yet been officially corroborated by Netflix (Although, to be frank, it seems impossible that they will pass up this opportunity to do such a profitable business).

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