Will Igor Grom vs. Plague Doctor get a sequel on Netflix?

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Will Igor Grom vs. Plague Doctor get a sequel on Netflix?

Igor Grom against Doctor Peste is currently the most viewed content on the streaming service Netflix around the world. It is a Russian superhero movie that did not do well at all in its theatrical release this year, so its arrival on the platform has been an instant success. Is a sequel coming? This is what is known!

“Igor Grom is a skilled St. Petersburg cop, known for his daring nature and uncompromising attitude towards criminals of all kinds. Incredible strength, analytical mind, and integrity – these qualities make Commander Grom the perfect cop. Working tirelessly, always moving forward and facing the challenges that get in the way “says the synopsis of the tape.

The reviews received are positive, beyond the approval that the public already gave it to position it as the most viewed content of today. Rotten Tomatoes approved it with an 87% and different media like Decider, The Review Geek, Ready Steady Cut Y Heaven of Horror they agreed that the result is favorable. Different is the case at the box office, where raised barely half of its budget and was deemed a failure.

This big screen project is based on the comic book series Major Grom from the Russian publisher Bubble Comics, created by Artiom Gabrelianov. In 2017, a short film was released at the Russian Comic-Con as a presentation for what was to be the future feature film, but it was not until 2020 that the long-awaited premiere was finally announced.

+ Will Igor Grom vs. Plague Doctor have a sequel?

At the moment there is no official statement to confirm it, but with its notorious success it may come true. The first rumors assure that a sequel would encompass the comic book The Game, where the villain from the first story returns for his revenge. Since it is not a firm possibility, it does not have a date yet.

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