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Will Jungle Cruise have a sequel?

The movie based on an attraction of Disney World will be released together in theaters and Disney+ July 30th. The protagonists, Dwayne Johnson y Emily Blunt, they showed a special chemistry working on the film and both admit that they would be very comfortable repeating the experience. Is Jungle Cruise 2 a reality? We still don’t know how the first installment will perform, but if we rely on the wishes of the actors, everything indicates that the sequel will arrive at some point.

Taking advantage of an interview that both interpreters gave, Johnson confessed that he would love to revisit the world of Jungle Cruise next to Emily Blunt and revealed that she will soon star in a film that he will produce himself. It seems that a great friendship emerged between these actors that was transferred to the professional level.

Is Jungle Cruise 2 a reality?

“Not only is he a great movie star, but more importantly, he is the most empathetic human being I have ever met.”Johnson said of Blunt. The actress also had warm words for her co-star: “He’s kinder and shy than people think, you realize that The Rock is the performance of his life. It’s different from who he really is.”

Jungle Cruise it is “the most epic adventure of the summer, the one that everyone was waiting for”, as defined by Johnson. It’s a solid mix of comedy, action, and adventure set in the 20th century. It is the story of a group of explorers who travel to the Amazon to find a tree with magical healing properties. The Rock plays Captain Frank Wolff while Emily Blunt is Lily Houghton.

While there was no official news about a second installment of the film, The Hollywood Reporter reported that there are already talks about a possible sequel to the film. The desire of the actors is to return to this world posed by Disney and the performance of the original film could end in green light for a continuation of this adventure.

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