Will Loki have a second season?

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Loki has already presented its first chapter in Disney+ where you saw how the VAT arrested him for crimes against the natural timeline of the Universe and met the agent Mobius and the Guardians of Time. The episode showed a change of attitude in the Asgardian, who at first tried to escape from his new captors until he understood the uselessness of his efforts and was even interested in helping Agent Mobius help him on an unconventional mission.

The God of Deception will have to help the VAT on a singular task: to catch an alternate version of him that is killing agency members and further altering the timeline. Mobius seems confident that the Asgardian will help. The first episode introduced the concept of the VAT and the Guardians of Time in such a way that it can be inferred that Phase 4 of the MCU

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