Will Michael Jordan appear on Space Jam 2?

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Michael Jordan helped the Looney Tunes in the past to face the Monstars, strange creatures that had stolen the skills of great basketball players. The result was Space Jam, a commercial success that became, over the years, a classic. Bugs Bunny and his friends cheered young and old alike by sharing the bill with the sports idol.

25 years later comes the sequel to that great success with the friendly animated characters accompanied by the star of the NBA, LeBron James and his son Judgment. Humans were caught in a virtual simulation by a rogue algorithm called Al-G Ritmo. They must play a basketball game against him. Goon Squad to achieve their freedom. ¡Space Jam 2!

¿Michael Jordan will participate in Space Jam 2?

The protagonist of the first installment, Michael Jordan, never showed great interest in shooting a new movie with the Looney Tunes. A sequel was expected shortly after the first film was released, but the project failed. Will it appear in this new adventure?

Don Cheadle, which gives life to the villain of the film, Al-G Ritmo, stated: Michael Jordan it’s in the movie … but not in the way you expect “. Then there will be a cameo from the basketball star. The question that arises is: What will be the level of relevance of Jordan in the plot of the tape?

Some venture that we will see a cartoon version of Jordan, as it happens with LeBron in the movie. Will you compete against the protagonist of this new adventure? Or at least that some passes are given with the same shirt, something that could never happen in reality due to a generational issue. Space Jam 2 has many attractive seasonings: LeBron James, the Looney Tunes and the surprise of Michael Jordan.

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