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Will Munna Bhaiya Be Back in Mirzapur Season 4?

Divyenndu in Mirzapur
Divyenndu in Mirzapur (Photo Credit: Amazon Prime Video)

The highly anticipated third season of the Mirzapur franchise has garnered mixed reviews, particularly for its focus on women-centric plots. Spanning ten episodes with a total runtime of approximately 10 hours, this season struggled to captivate audiences as effectively as its predecessors.

Season 3 began with disappointment for Divyenndu fans, as it commenced with the funeral of the beloved character Munna Bhaiya. However, it concluded with a gripping cliffhanger, leaving viewers eager for the next installment, Mirzapur Season 4. Amidst all this, a pressing question remains: Will Munna Bhaiya, aka Phool Chand Tripathi, return in Mirzapur Season 4?

The following are some fan theories that suggest how the creators might bring back Munna Bhaiya even after his death.

While Mirzapur season 4 is yet to be officially announced, fans of the franchise are buzzing with speculation about its storyline. Some Reddit users have shared intriguing theories for the next installment.

One user predicts, “Tripathi, Tyagi, and Madhuri Yadav vs Pandit, Golu, and J P Yadav in Season 4. Golu’s fate may be sealed by S4E10. And Munna Bhaiya could return as Kaleen’s brother (Beena and Bapuji’s child), setting the stage for Season 5.”

Another speculates the opening scene of Season 4, suggesting, “Mirzapur Season 4 opening: Sharad Shukla’s funeral.”

Mirzapur Season 4 Fan Theories

Additionally, commenting on Paparazzi, another fan suggests, “Body double bhi to ho sakta hai. Season 3 ke 1 episode me Jo dikhaya who koy or ho, Munna jinda ho. Season 4 me muna bhaiya ki entry karni padegi Varna flop hai.” (There could also be a body double. What was shown in Season 3, Episode 1 might be someone else, and Munna might be alive. In Season 4, Munna bhaiya’s entry will have to be made, otherwise, it will flop.)

Overall, the audience continues to grow in anticipation, waiting to see if Season 4 will mark the return of Munna Bhaiya. Fans are eagerly awaiting more updates and revelations about the future of their favorite characters in the gritty world of Mirzapur.