Will Sam Heughan be the new James Bond?

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A long time there have been several actors who have portrayed James Bond. From Sean Connery to Roger Moore, Pierce Brosnen to Daniel Craig, many action scenes have been filmed to give the agent’s fans a moment of adrenaline.

Among the different places in which Agent 007 has been seen, there are a surprising number of scenes that take place in a casino, turning this spot into one of the most iconic ones. The classic scene shows the agent drinking a signature martini in one hand and playing poker cards in the other. No matter if it’s Thailand, London, or the Bahamas, the casino is always one of the most popular highlights. This setting is so iconic that many try to replicate it by visiting fancy casinos while sipping martinis. Luckily, many sectors have made the jump to the online world. For example, nowadays, it’s not necessary to go to a shopping centre because we have access to online shopping. The same happens in the casino world. For those who can’t go to a real casino, there is a great alternative to the growing number of online casinos. There are platforms like Vegas Slots Online that offer more than 10,000 games where users can enjoy top table games such as roulette or three-card poker. Therefore, unlike James Bond, you no longer need to visit a casino because all casino games are now compatible with all devices and you may even play them for free.

Now, after having been Daniel Craig the sixth 007 Agent for 15 years in a row throughout five movies, film lovers see Sam Heughan as the new candidate for the 007 saga. But will he have the chance to become the mythical James Bond?

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Sam Heughan is such a prolific and multifaceted actor that has been gaining ground in the cinema industry and who is best-known for having been starring Jamie Fraser in the Outlander series since 2014. The British-American series is based on a literary saga by the same name written by Diana Gabaldon back in the 90s.

The series became a truly hit and hooked spectators for five entire seasons, especially after Netflix, by far the most famous platform, became for some time the only platform where Outlander could be watched. Therefore, from a historical series, it shortly became an international smash hit that made passionate film lovers fall in love with.

Sam Heughan has become world-famous ever since and his role as the main character in Outlander has attracted the best producers and directors which you can read about here at Market Research Telecast. He played his role as a Scottish warrior, a chivalrous 18th century man. This has enhanced the media and spectators to eagerly long for what this actor would do next, that after his debut as an international actor, he will not go unseen and his career will continue reaping the future rewards and success.

After the latest 007 cinematic release, No time to die, and the latest news on Daniel Craig not taking part in the upcoming sequels, all eyes are gazing at Sam Heughan as one of the most appealing candidates taking the role for the 60 year old cinematic production.

Interestingly, he has been asked whether he would take part in such films, to which he has declared himself a sheer devotee and uttered that working for the franchise would be professionally speaking an absolute pleasure not only for him, but for any actor. However, due to his age, although he is only 42, he does not feel to fit in the role,  not because he does not want to, but as he said, because all actors who have starred the 007 character were much younger at the time of working for the franchise. Surprisingly to him would be to know that the 007 Irish actor, Pierce Brosnan did not take the long-admired role until he was 42, exactly the same age that Sam Heughan is. What is more, the latter has already conquered both producers, who already see him as a perfect candidate for successful big productions as well as a perfect candidate for the big screen from now on, as well as the general public that sees him with growing interest and excitement.

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Likewise, as Radio Times says, James Bond fans see the actor with good eyes and it undoubtedly would not be difficult to imagine the Outlander actor performing the 007 character for some time. Sam Heughan has both the potential to make justice to the legendary 007 Agent as much as the outperformance he would get judging from his successful professional achievements in Outlander for so long.

We have seen Sam Heughan perfectly adapting to Jamie Fraser along with his evolution throughout the series, from embodying the traits of a mid 18th century Scottish warrior and ordinary citizen to scaling the social ladder and becoming a more respectable figure and having a redefined identity in the English middle-high class. The 007 character would therefore fit him in a number of ways, above all because the former is very intelligent, cunning, knows how to move well in the society and his determination is admirable. His cunning traits make him known in many places and these changes respond to his ambition in order to accomplish his future deeds. 

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