Will Sergio Andrade be in the Gloria Trevi bioseries?

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Will Sergio Andrade be in the Gloria Trevi bioseries?

The Mexican singer Gloria Trevi caused great furor among its loyal fans by revealing new details of his bioseries on Televisa, but what attracted attention was hinted that Sergio Andrade, who years ago was his partner and his manager, would be in history.

In an interview for the program ‘De Primera Mano’, Gloria Trevi was questioned as to whether the plot of her bioserie will include the people who hurt you, this in reference to Sergio Andrade, with whom she starred in a strong sexual scandal, which kept her in prison for several years; this is what she replied.

It is expected that Gloria Trevi’s bioseries be released in Televisa During 2022, this is due to the fact that Carla Estrada, the producer who will be in charge of the project, is making the proper documentation to faithfully tell the story of the famous singer.

Gloria Trevi He assured that he does not seek to give a perfect image: “I do not want to present myself as ‘Oh, the infallible Gloria Trevi who never made a mistake in something’, but as the human being who was a girl who had dreams, fought for them, started make them come true, they turned into nightmares and things were increasing dramatically. “

Finally, Gloria Trevi assured that her fans will see in her bioserie what is lived under the stages, although it will also show very hard things, but above all the moment in which she gets ahead and manages to regain her happiness; Furthermore, the singer said that this project is being carried out with a lot of love.

“Everything is starting as much as possible with love and trying to make this help other people. Because I am also going to tell the part where I get up and where we have arrived until today ”, he revealed Gloria Trevi before the cameras of ‘De Primera Mano’.

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