Will “The Squid Game”, the Netflix series, have a second season? – Depor Newspaper

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There is no doubt that “The Squid Game” has taken Netflix users by surprise. It is a series that premiered on September 17 and has already become one of the most viewed productions on the platform in Peru and in several countries around the world.

Many games have tried to explain the mechanics of the series as if it were a Battle Royale, where only one or a group can emerge victorious and alive from the competition.

Without a doubt, the synopsis would bring us closer to this description: “Hundreds of short-money gamblers accept a strange invitation to compete in children’s games. Inside, an irresistible prize awaits them … with a mortal risk ”.

If you have no problem with a bit of violence and explicit images, it is certainly a highly recommended series. Of course, the doubt of the Netflix community about whether there will be a second season has not ceased to be shared.

Hwang Dong-hyuk, the creator, spoke to the medium about. “Right now I have no plans for a second season,” he explained. “If I do it in the future, I am clear that I do not want to do it alone again, I will have a scriptwriters room and I want to have experienced directors,” he concluded.

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