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Will the War of Tomorrow have a second part?

A group of soldiers from the future arrived to recruit warriors that they are willing to fight an alien race that invaded the Earth in its time. The aliens are known as White Spikes and they have decimated the human population to just over five hundred thousand inhabitants on the planet. Then Dan (Chris Pratt), a biology teacher and hero from Iraq, is forced to join the fight.

He discovers that he has a greater importance than the rest of the soldiers. Why? His daughter called him from the future to help her develop a toxin that would eliminate the alien threat.. The young scientist needs her father to capture a White spikes I live to do the necessary tests.

Tomorrow’s War, Explained

So the daughter of And He reveals that his mission is not to save the future, that is already impossible. The objective is eradicate the White Spikes in the past, before the invasion occurs. She is killed by an alien and And manages to go back in time with the toxin. The protagonist makes a discovery that will change everything: the aliens did not arrive in 2048, they have been present for thousands of years on a Russian glacier and are awakened by climate change.

After trying to kill the invaders with the toxin, And and his father They decide to eliminate them with a great explosion from which only one specimen escapes, which they destroy after a terrible hand-to-hand fight.

The truth is that the temporal paradox indicates that if And destroy the invaders there will be no time travelers to alert the protagonist and the destruction of the aliens will never take place. There is also the alternative that a White Spikes survived the explosion and the invasion is taking place in the present. These ideas could well mean a second part of Tomorrow’s War if the writers get creative …

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