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Will there be Fortnite x Dragon Ball Z? This image would advance the collaboration

Thanks to the ongoing court case between Epic Games and Apple, data on future Fortnite collaborations has been constantly leaked. Although no information related to Dragon Ball Z was found in the files of the Battle Royale, some fans believe that it will be possible.

Dragon Ball Z is a very popular anime among fans around the world. Right now, considering the speed at which Epic Games is expanding, leaving this series out of their collaboration plans wouldn’t make much sense.

Fans believe they have discovered a reference to Saiyans on one of Fortnite Crew’s free loading screens. Also, some believe that the person highlighted in the image below could be a member of Freeza’s Army.

A particular piece of information is the scooter that appears in the Fortnite image. According to the community, said vehicle was popular in the first installments of Dragon Ball.

Also, keep in mind that Epic Games did a survey in which they asked players about the characters they would like to see in Fortnite, and Dragon Ball appeared among the options.

While that’s not enough to back up the Fortnite x Dragon Ball Z collaboration claims, it does indicate that Epic Games is definitely considering it. That said, the Fortnite Crew Pack loading screens suggest a possible futuristic storyline in the game.

Meanwhile, there is no choice but to wait for Season 7 of Fortnite to find out what Epic Games comes out with.

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