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Will There Be Upload Season 3? We have Unveiled the Details

The first season of Upload debuted in 2020 on Prime Video, and in no time it became a pandemic hit. Its successful reception by the audience urged the OTT platform to order the second season of the genre-building series. The third season is on its way, making all the fans of the show jump with joy.

Upload on Prime Video is a comedy-drama that tells the story of Nathan Brown (Robbie Amell), a computer engineering graduate, who undergoes brain death and becomes a virtual inhabitant of the planet after dying.

The first two seasons of the show explore the protagonist’s chronicles in his new reality. The show also narrates how Nathan keeps up with this girlfriend who exists in the real world. But soon, things speed up when the show graduates from being a 30-minute comedy-drama into something else.

Primarily a comedy show, Upload also touches on other genres and gets on something much deeper than merely examining cloning, voting rights, and other large topics through the lens of what effects would digital life have on society if it was to become a reality.  

Here is everything to know about the third season of the show.

Will there be a Third Season of Upload?

In May 2022, Amazon CEO, Jeff Bezos, confirmed that Upload is returning for the third time. The head of global TV, Vernon Sanders, also called Upload “a genuine hit” before confirming this news. In his own words:

“The original and wildly popular series which continues to connect and inspire limitless possibilities for the future of technology and humanity. They have created a globally relevant series with Greg’s distinct comedic approach, the dynamic creative team, and outstanding actors. We are delighted to be bringing it back for our customers again.”

The showrunner of Upload, Greg Daniels, also explained that he is extremely excited to get stuck with the next series. As per him, “I am thrilled to continue the story of Nathan and Nora and the other residents of Lakeview and near-future America as they try to have fun and do the right thing in both the real and virtual worlds.”

Greg Daniels is touted as one of the most accomplished and influential television creatives in recent television history. He has worked on some of the most popular shows on TV, namely, Saturday Night Life and King of the Hill. But his development of the British cringe-comedy The Office into a mega-hit American version became the most popular among audiences.

What Will be the Plot of Upload Season 3?

The finale of the previous season noted the conclusion of the sci-fi drama’s second run. It appears that the afterlife will get more complicated. Nathan downloads himself into a bodily form produced by Ingrid. However, he breaks up with her upon discovering she had been lying to him about actually being in Lakeview.

Nathan and Nora are finally together in Los Angeles, thanks to the hyperloop, which pisses off Ingrid, and she tries to create his clone only to have a kid with him. So, there is another Nathan in town. On the other hand, Tinsley, the intern, downloads a backup copy of Nathan’s consciousness upon thinking he had been deleted. So now, there are not two but three versions of Nathan. Things will get complicated, and how!

Besides its comedic touch and elements, the third season is also expected to be largely political. It will be based away from Lakeview as the gang decides what to do next as they intend to take down Freeyond.

In one of the interviews, Daniels expressed,

“Like Schrodinger’s Cat, when we open the box, we will see if the cat was alive or dead, but at the moment, the cat is both alive and dead, you know? I feel like it could be played out in a certain number of episodes and then in a certain different number of episodes as long as there is constantly enough pull forward and enough reveals.”

He further added,

“I have to say that the specific details of the mystery plot are something that we worked out over the course of a lot of discussions and planting of clues and different possibilities. I don’t think we are at the complete end of the mystery, I will just say. In hopeful optimism of a season three, I am plotting more stuff now with some writers.”

Who Will be there in Season 3?

All three protagonists of the show – Nathan, Nora, and Ingrid will be back for the third season.

Nathan (Robbie Amell) is an IT whiz-turned-dead guy, who is alive and adjusting to life away from the virtual one. Nora (Andy Allo) is the love of Nathan’s life. She has become a member of the anti-technology group, The Ludds. Nathan’s ex-lover, Ingrid (Allegra Edwards) is not done with him, and she will do anything to get him back or keep him in her life.

The audience may as well spot Luke (Kevin Bigley) and A.I. Guy (Owen Daniels) in future episodes. Besides this, Nora’s best friend Aleesha (Zainab Johnson) is also expected to return to the cast.

Apart from the protagonists, the confirmation of the other characters and whether they would be present or not is yet to be received.

Can I Watch the Trailer for Upload Season 3?

Unfortunately, no trailer, teaser, or any other footage of the third season has been released by the makers till now. 

When will the Third Season be aired?

The first season was released on the 1st of May, 2020, and its second season was released two years later, on the 11th of March, 2022.  

The filming of season two of Upload took a lot of time before airing. It is expected that the next season might take the same time or even longer. As per reports, the third season will be wrapped in November 2022. Daniels has talked about the complex graphics required to capture the futuristic world. As per him, so much visual effects work makes the post-production process long and daunting. It means the fans have to wait this year and may expect the release of the third season sometime around 2023.

Did Upload Perform Well for the Audience?

Right after the first season of the show, Upload received immense love from the audience and critics alike. The quality of the show is impressive and so is its storyline. Upload has already held a rating of 8.0/10 on IMDb. It has also received an 88 percent score from the audience on Rotten Tomatoes, both of which are considered respectable marks.

Where Can I Watch Upload?

While Season 3 of Upload may air anytime soon, in the meantime, you can binge on the previous two seasons of the show. All two seasons have been uploaded on Amazon’s Prime Video subscription streaming service.

Why Should I Watch Upload?

Are you wondering whether to watch Upload or not? Well, we will give you not one but five reasons to watch this series.

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