Will they make a Justice League vs. Suicide Squad movie?

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¿Harán una película de Liga de la Justicia vs Escuadrón Suicida?

Is it possible that one day we will see the heroes of the Justice League against the villains of Suicide Squad? Director James Gunn has the answer.

If all the characters are part of the same Cinematic Universe, it would be interesting if they could come together in an epic battle. But unfortunately, we are very far from being able to see a movie of the League of Justice facing the Suicide Squad, although in the comics it is something quite common.

The movie has just been released The Suicide Squad of James Gunn and its first fundraising weekend has not been as spectacular as planned. So for now any plan to make a sequel or to continue using these characters surely stands to find out what tour it has in theaters. Although that does not mean that you cannot dream of an epic confrontation against the League of Justice.

When they asked the director James Gunn, your answer leaves no doubt. It is impossible to make that movie without defining the characters well.

“I would have to think about that. I haven’t thought of a Justice League vs Suicide Squad movie, but it’s not a bad idea. But I think I have to find out who the Justice League is first because I have no idea. I’m here in the middle of DC Comics and people always ask me: Is Henry Cavill still Superman? I don’t know who Superman is… who knows! ”.

For now no one knows the future of these characters.

It is difficult to know if we will see the Justice League formed by Superman (Henry Cavill), Batman (Ben Affleck), Wonder Woman (Gal Gadot), Aquaman (Jason Momoa), The Flash (Ezra Miler) and Cybrog (Ray Fisher). Since many of these actors have no plans to return, so putting them back together seems complicated and if that happened, they would normally make a movie about Darkseid. So a confrontation with the Suicide Squad wouldn’t make much sense either.

Also, after seeing the powers of the Justice League … Do you think the Suicide Squad would have something to do against them? Leave us your comments below.

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