Will Tom Holland continue to play Spider-Man after No Road Home? The actor is not very convinced

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Those responsible for the Spider-Man films would love for Tom Holland to continue playing the hero for many years, but it seems that the actor is not very convinced, commenting that the fact that his current contract is coming to an end may be for the best, and that the team could face a Miles Morales movie instead.

In an interview with GQTom Holland has talked about his time with the franchise and whether he will continue to play our favorite neighbor for much longer: “Maybe it’s time to turn the page. Maybe the best thing for Spider-Man is that they make a Miles Morales movie“, dice Holland.

The actor goes on to add that he would also like to take his character, Peter Parker, into account when making any decisions about his future before finally adding: “If I’m playing Spider-Man after 30, I’ve done something wrong.

By the end of this year, Tom Holland will have played the superhero in three of his own independent films, as well as cameos in other MCU blockbusters, and Spider-Man producer Amy Pascal is keen to keep him in the role for as long as possible:

I’ve talked to him to make like 100 more“Pascal explains in another part of the interview.”I’m never going to make Spider-Man movies without him. Are you kidding me?

Tom Holland’s contract to play Spider-Man ends after No Way Home, and the actor has previously said that he sees the film as “the end of a franchise.” Elsewhere in the GQ article, the film’s co-star, Jacob Batalon, talks about Holland’s ambition and explains that the actor often talks about playing James Bond sometime in the future.

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While it’s true that Spider-Man has dominated Tom Holland’s life in recent years, the actor has managed to shoot and star in other movies during that time. In addition to starring in Cherry from the Russo brothers, Holland will also play Nathan Drake in the upcoming Sony movie Uncharted next year.

Tom Holland’s busy schedule seems to convey his ambitions as an actor, and while he has repeatedly spoken of his love for the role of Peter Parker, being pigeonholed into character is something he will probably be wary of. Looking ahead, the actor has other projects he will work on in addition to Spider-Man. In addition to writing a script with his brother Harry, he is also set to shoot the Apple TV + drama The Crowded Room, which is a drama about dissociative identity disorder.

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