Will we see Alicia Vikander as Lara Croft again?

The actress Alicia Vikander generated a great stir five years ago when it was confirmed that she would take the baton of Angelina Jolie to return to the big screen for the adventures of Lara Croft: all through a ‘reboot’ of the saga ‘Tomb Raider’ more in line with the style and aesthetics of the latest video games that had been published about the emblematic British explorer.

Although the film did not enjoy the expected success and was not received with enthusiasm by critics, some fans of ‘Tomb Raider’, those who did not reject the film outright, have been fantasizing for four years about the idea that the plot starring Vikander has continuity. The Swedish interpreter has now been asked about it and has not hesitated to confess that she does not know what will happen with the possible sequel.

To begin with, the acquisition of MGM studios by Amazon caused a radical change in the list of projects of the producer and in the priority that would be given to them, so the artist does not know if the technology giant has any intention of resurrecting the franchise. The truth is that she is willing to resume the character and there is also a script that would clearly facilitate the task, prepared by the renowned screenwriter Misha Green.

“The truth is that I have no idea, since Amazon’s purchase of MGM. Now it’s all politics. But I think Misha and I are ready, so everything will depend on third parties, to be honest,” Vikander, 33, told Entertainment Tonight.

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