Will Zack Snyder direct a Rick and Morty movie?

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¡Zack Snyder revealed that he would direct a movie Rick and morty! After the premiere of the fifth season of the animated series, speculation about the future of the franchise did not wait.

Talking about the idea of ​​directing a comic movie someday during with Film Junkee Vodka Stream, Zack Snyder revealed that while he couldn’t imagine the direction of a full comedy, the idea of ​​a Rick and Morty movie sounded like the closest.

“I don’t have a straight comedy that I can think of, you know, that’s kind of like a pure wall-to-wall comedy. If I did the Rick and Morty movie, that’s probably the closest thing to get,” said the director who saved the league. of the justice of DCEU.

The prominent director has taken on all sorts of different worlds throughout his career thus far, so Rick and Morty wouldn’t be the wildest idea for him. Previously, the director revealed that he would direct a Dragon Ball Z movie.

“I would consider it. I mean, if it went well,” Snyder began, “But I would definitely do an anime remake or a live action. That would be fun because I love animation, and I watch a lot of anime with my son, which is too small to see it, but we see it anyway. “

As for a Rick and Morty movie in general, the producer behind the animated series, Scott Marder He talked about how it will probably happen one day: “I’d like to see what a movie would be like, I feel like we packed so much. It would have to be pretty epic.”

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The fan-favorite animated series Adult Swim It finally returned for a fifth season, and while the first episode of Rick and Morty has already caught the attention of fans everywhere, speculation of a movie has not stopped.

The fifth season premiered this Monday, June 21. Adult Swim will premiere the new episodes on the platform HBO and in the channel TNT, both owned by Warner Media, every Monday at 8:00 pm.

If a Rick and Morty movie happens, it seems like Adult Swim should send Zack Snyder some messages about it. But what do you think? Would you like to see him direct a movie for the series? Let us know your thoughts in the comments!

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