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William could be the last monarch of the United Kingdom

A famous royal author considers the monarchy to be facing “the end of the game” as it is outdated and full of infighting.

Famous author and Royal Family expert Dame Hilary Mantel fears the monarchy will face “endgame” and is unlikely to outlast Prince William.

Mantel, 68, made the forecast in an interview with the Daily Telegraph. He previously described Kate Middleton as “plastic.”

The institution is so outdated and plagued with infighting, he said, perhaps the only true believer left is Queen Elizabeth, who continues to be loved across the planet.

“I wonder if she’s the only person who really believes in the monarchy now, and I’m sure she believes with all her heart,” the Wolf Hall author told the newspaper.

He said he believes the queen should have abdicated years ago and allowed Prince Charles to reign.

“I understand that she thinks of this as a sacred task … It is a conflict because most of the world sees the Royal Family as an offshoot of show business,” Mantel said.

And the writer doesn’t have much hope for the institution.

“I think it’s the end. I don’t know how long the institution will last, ”he said. “You would not expect any other family to parade a very old and newly widowed woman before television cameras, and yet it is taken for granted that this is what will happen.”

She added: “Just as it is taken for granted that a real new mother will appear radiant on the hospital steps within a day after giving birth.

“I’m not sure if it will last longer than William. So I think it will be his last great era. There is no legitimate public interest behind it ”.

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