William of Cambridge: the details of the unpublished photo with Diana of Wales that he shared on Instagram

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One of the most beloved members of the British royal family is undoubtedly Diana of Wales. The princess died in 1997 after a traffic accident in Paris and remains alive in the memory of millions in the world and especially in her children Enrique de Sussex and William of Cambridge. It was precisely the latter who published an unpublished photo of his mother and also spoke of one of his greatest passions, What did the grandson of Queen Elizabeth II of the United Kingdom say?

Catherine of Cambridge’s husband commented in an interview with the British newspaper , that “my mother drove singing at the top of her lungs. One day we would even put the policeman in the car and from time to time he would sing too. We would go singing and listening to music until the door of the school where they left you ”.

Guillermo added that one of the songs that to this day “I secretly enjoy” and brings back the best memories of Diana of Wales is “The Best, by Tina Turner, because sitting in the back seat of the car and singing was one of the the true family moments ”.

The grandson of Elizabeth II of the United Kingdom has been promoting the Apple Music campaign called Time to walk (Time to walk, in Spanish) and with which he wants to encourage people to walk to take care of their physical and mental health. In this context, he used his Instagram account to share a series of photographs of the British royal family where one in particular stands out, as his late mother Diana of Wales appears.

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In the unpublished image you can see Lady Di, who was the wife of Charles of Wales, along with a little Prince William and Philip of Edinburgh, the husband of Elizabeth II who died in April 2021. She wears a long brown coat that she combined with hat and boots.

“My whole family has a passion for walking, whether it’s my grandmother still pulling out her corgis at 95; my father went on long walks during the summer in Scotland; or my own children making their first appearance at our annual walk to church on Christmas morning in Sandringham, ”he wrote in the description.

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