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Willie Nelson to Miss Three More Stops on Outlaw Music Festival Tour

Willie Nelson recently shared an important update regarding his health as he announced the cancellation of his performances at three upcoming stops of the Outlaw Music Festival Tour.

The 91-year-old musician will not be performing at the tour dates scheduled for June 28-30 in New York and New Jersey.

Nelson had first mentioned his health issues last week, which would prevent him from joining the tour. Each announcement about his cancellations came with the assurance that he expects to recover soon. In his absence, Bob Dylan, Alison Krauss, and Robert Plant will headline the tour while Nelson focuses on getting better.

Interestingly, doctors have given Willie Nelson the green light to return to the road. A new message on social media stated, “He will resume performing on the Outlaw Tour next week.” The tour has planned stops on July 2, 4, 6, and 7, followed by a two-week break. However, it’s still not clear on which of these dates Nelson will make his return.

In the meantime, Lukas Nelson and Family will step in for Willie, and their set will include several of his classic songs.

The exact reason for Willie Nelson’s brief hiatus from the stage remains unclear. However, he has been dealing with emphysema and even decided to quit smoking marijuana in 2019. Breathing problems have caused him to miss several performances over the past decade, although he has also enjoyed periods of consistent live performances.

The Outlaw Music Festival Tour is scheduled to continue through September, with intense periods of activity followed by weeks of rest, which might help Nelson manage his health condition better.

Fans of Willie Nelson, known for his resilience, are hopeful to see him make a successful return to the stage soon.

Source: Taste of Country