Willy Crook, national funk legend and first saxophonist of Patricio Rey and his Redonditos de Ricota, has died

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A moment ago the sad news of the death of Willy Crook. The musician was 55 years old and was in intensive care since June 8 after suffering a stroke (ACV). He had entered a sanatorium where he was induced into a pharmacological coma and received mechanical assistance for his breathing.

“We will send you your place of rest and farewell as soon as your mother partly overcomes this very sad moment. Thank you all for the unconditional support of so many days. A big hug ”, he tweeted Paula Alberti, the artist’s press officer.

After the news was confirmed, fans and colleagues fired him on social media. “With deep sorrow we announce the departure of a great friend very loved by us. Have a good trip dear friend, “he wrote Skay beilinson.

In addition to his talent and creativity when composing, Crook always stood out for the acid humor he displayed in each interview and his reflections that were as hilarious as they were brilliant.

Your musical journey

The artist had 11 albums released and was one of the greatest exponents of funk & soul music in our country. It added more than one hundred thousand listeners from all corners of the world on platforms.

His first recognized appearance was in 1985, when he participated in the recording of Gulp!, the first album by the band led by Indio Solari and Skay. With Patricio Rey and his Redonditos de Ricota, a year later would record one of the most important national rock albums: October.

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In addition, he collaborated with Andrés Calamaro, Los Encargados, Virus, Manal and internationally with Lions in Love, James Brown Band, David Bowie, Gotan Project, Rita Marley, Alvin Lee, Matt Bianco, Toreros Muertos, Echo & The Bunnymen.

In recent times, Willy had reunited after a while with some of his teammates. Funky Turin, a combo of prestigious artists. During the pandemic, he performed some of the most important albums of his career, as well as classics and covers with his band. A task he reluctantly shared across the platforms of streaming.

“It’s very frustrating because it prevents the truth of the situation, which is something as simple as getting together and playing for people who get together to listen. It is very frustrating for the show and, second and foremost, because we have a lot of affection in the band, respect, admiration. There’s a nasty good vibe. It’s awful not being able to get together”, He pointed out in an interview with Telam in May 2020.

And he completed: “I am psychopathy and I consider myself a pandemic child who tells in amazement:` Legend has it that in the past people used to gather in places to see other people playing on stage. It is ridiculous there are theories that say that and, even, that the Earth is round ‘”.

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