Windows 10 tricks: how to turn off your PC using your keyboard

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Trucos Windows 10: cómo apagar tu PC usando tu teclado

Every computer user knows that there is one way to turn on the device and many to turn it off. In fact, for the second option you only need to make a few movements with the mouse so that your machine turns off, but there are always much faster and easier methods. If you want to know them, you just have to keep reading the following lines to learn how to shut down your computer using your keyboard.

How to turn off your computer by pressing a few keys

Yes, it is true, to turn off your computer you only need to touch a key: press and hold the on / off key. However, this practice is rough and inefficient and it is best to opt for less aggressive methods. For that reason it is necessary that you know that to turn off your computer you can use a few keys. Of course, going with the mouse to the Windows icon and selecting the shutdown option is not a huge route, but there are always shortcuts.

Check the behavior of the shutdown key

This point is important and all computers with Windows 10. We talk about power options, which are more present in laptops for a practical matter: keep an eye on the battery level. If you enter this section of Energy options you will have a section in view that says ‘choose the behavior of the on / off buttons’. Here you can choose what the computer does when you press one of those two buttons and you just have to put the option to turn off in the selection box if that is what you want.

The closing combination: Alt + F4

The Windows 10 button combinations are the most common and you can use them as many as you want. Alt + tab or Ctrl + alt + del are some of them but to shut down your computer quickly you need another one which is Alt + F4. We do not recommend that you use it in other applications as it completely closes the app. If you do this combination within the Windows 10 desktop, a window will appear and you just have to click on the option you need to shut down or suspend the machine.

Create a shortcut on the desktop

If it is possible. Creating a shortcut to the function to turn off your PC from your Desktop is simple. You just have to follow the steps:

  1. Right click on the Windows Desktop
  2. Select New
  3. Type the following: shutdown.exe -s -t 00 -f
  4. Click next and name the shortcut as off


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