Windows 11 Alpha does not exist, it is a malware that can steal your bank details

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There are already many people interested in trying the new windows 11, the new version that will take over from the current Windows 10 and is the most dangerous time to download anything that has to do with this version of Microsoft’s operating system. Cybercriminals are aware of the great popularity of the new system and do not miss the opportunity to distribute a document that supposedly It has been created with Windows 11 Alpha and it is nothing more than a dangerous malware.

A Word document created with Windows 11 Alpha, the hook

The campaign has been named as Windows 11 Alpha and it has been designed to try to fool all those people who are eager to try the system. The attack was carried out by distributing a word document that pretended to be created with this fictitious version of the new operating system and that pushed victims to follow the indicated steps to open it. Now, in this way, the only thing you get by following the instructions is to activate this malware on your computers.

Researchers at Anomali Security have been the ones who have discovered this attack and have explained exactly how it worked and tried to catch its victims. The objective of this malware was none other than steal all kinds of financial information of infected users. To do this, if the user finished activating the code that was housed in the hidden file in macros and executed the Javascript code that opened the door to cybercriminals.

From that moment on, they could steal all kinds of personal or banking information stored on the computer. Data that is later sold on pirated websites where it is sure that no good use will be made of them. Although at the moment it is not known for sure who is behind that Windows 11 Alpha malware campaign, the truth is that all suspicions point to the famous hacker group FIN7.

This malware campaign seems to have been launched between the end of June and during July of this year 2021, taking advantage of the great popularity of the new Microsoft Windows 11 operating system and The number of victims is unknown that it has been possible to charge.

Therefore, if you receive any message with attached files or links that refer to Windows Alpha, the best thing is that we automatically delete the message without opening any file, document or link.


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