Windows 11: changes, news and release date

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At last, the long-awaited news has arrived for those who have a device with Microsoft’s operating system: Windows 11 is now official. We have been talking about the Redmond plans for months and it has been in recent months that the company has set a date to know the result of its development. This does not mean that there are no surprises in the future, but we can already talk about the changes and news that Windows 11 brings.

What’s new in Windows 11

Changes to a new operating system bring with them major modifications. For example, in the aesthetic section these changes are noticed, but then there are others that are only seen if you go into more details. And that is what we are going to do today with the details that Microsoft has given about its new operating system. Let’s take a look at those changes and news in Windows 11.

One big update a year

Before entering fully into what’s new in Windows 11 Let’s talk a bit about the updates. First of all yes you can make the leap to the new operating system. Second, every year it will have a big update. Recall that the Windows 10 roadmap was characterized by the presence of several important improvements throughout the year. This is reduced to one every 365 days which we hope will not take long to install.

New Menu

The first thing you will find in what’s new in Windows 11 it’s a major cosmetic change to the taskbar. The part of the time, date and tools is kept on the right side, but as we have seen previously the Windows menu and the most important applications scroll to the center of it. It is an important change that what it does is to unify a system for all devices, both mobile phones and computers. In addition, it also adapts to the touch screens increasingly present in laptops, but can be ‘repositioned’ in its place of origin by clicking the right mouse button on the toolbar.

By clicking on the menu we find another part of the redesign. The drop down part is now more transparent and the corners are beveled. From the looks of it, dthat appears the typical string of applications installed in alphabetical order, as well as the icons in boxes inherited from Windows 8. The first thing that you will see will be the applications that you establish as important in a 3×6 grid. This can be scrolled down to see the rest of the applications. At the bottom you will see a small list with applications and files recommended for their utility or visit.

Widgets are back

One of the things that many missed in Windows 10 was the Widgets. There were only a few to choose from, like a watch or some sticky notes, but they were missed in 10. It seems that the Redmond ones recover them in a dedicated space for these, but that they are related to some applications. The list of tasks, OneDrive, the Weather or a search box in Edge are some of the Widgets that you will have as standard.

Multi task and new desktops

Another important point of Windows 11 is multitasking. The ability to use multiple apps at the same time is very important, especially if you have a generous screen to use multiple apps. In this case, we find various settings called Snaps Layouts that divide the screen in thirds or fourths to give more prominence to some apps than others. There are also the Snap Groups that save configurations for future reuse.

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On the other hand, they are the new desks. You can configure each one according to your needs and depending on the one you choose, it will save a different application configuration. They will be like separate rooms within the same space.

Improved app store for everyone

Applications are an important part for users and developers. Especially for the latter, since some sell their products through the stores for which they prepare them. Here we have two important things– Revenues go entirely to developers and for the first time Android applications will have native support on Windows.

On the other hand, users will have at their disposal new payment gateways as well as a new rating system to know which are the best apps.

When will Windows 11 arrive

This is the question that many ask themselves, especially those who want to make the leap to Windows 11. And for all of them, the wait will not be so long in time, since it will be this year when we have it. It will be at the end of this when the product is finished and its distribution begins for all those who require it.


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