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Windows 11 is announced: it will have Android apps – MRT

Windows continues to be the most widely used operating system for computers. Little by little it has been increasing its functions and now the company’s big bet will be to integrate its system with Android.

That’s right, the same operating system that you have on your cell phone will work in a certain way in Windows 11. Basically, it will be integrated Amazon App Store will be integrated into Mincrosoft Store. In this way, you will be able to download almost all Android applications.

This crossing of the OS will be carried out thanks to the technology of Intel Bridge Technology. Unfortunately, it has not been confirmed which apps will be available in the Microsoft Store.

Windows 11 is expected to get much closer to the macOS experience. Remember that iPhone apps are also compatible with other Apple devices.

Windows 11 would be released in October this year and would be a free update for devices with an older version of the operating system. It can be pre-downloaded from July 28 through the Microsoft Insider program.

This is what the hill of the mythical Windows XP wallpaper looks like 25 years later

20 years ago, launched one of the most impressive photos taken in the last decade of the 20th century to fame. The image was titled as Bliss (Happiness) and served as a screensaver for the operating system. , which was released in August 2001. There was always the question as to whether the snapshot had been taken in a real location or was simply a digital edition. Next, we share with you everything that is known about this famous place.

In 1996 National Geographic magazine photographer Charles O’Rear captured the spectacular image of Green Hill in the , in California, United States (USA), well known for its wine production. Between 1990 and 1995, these hills had a phylloxera infestation, so the growers decided to remove 30% of the vines and plant grass, which caused O’Rear to capture this beautiful and impressive photograph.

It was not until 2000 that Microsoft acquired the rights to the image to use as the main wallpaper for the Windows XP operating system. However, over the years photography was losing popularity. It was in a viral YouTube video that shows what the place looks like after 25 years since it was captured.

“There is no way you can capture an identical photo,” says youtuber Andrew Levitt, after arriving at the same place in Napa Valley. It was known that the improvement of the fields, the producers returned to plant vineyards in the hills, causing the mythical landscape of the Windows XP wallpaper to disappear forever.

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