Winks to La Casa de Papel and scenes that were recorded in two weeks: 7 curiosities of Sky Rojo

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Coral, Wendy and Gina’s action is back! The second season of Sky Rojo will premiere this Friday, July 23 on Netflix and promises to be a trend as with its first episodes. The Spanish thriller stood out for its impressive scenes and shocking realism. Learn about the main curiosities of its production: from the winks to La Casa de Papel to a sequence that took two weeks to shoot. Safety pin!

7 curiosities of the second season of Sky Rojo

7-The most complicated scene of Yany Prado

The Cuban made many action scenes during the series, but in an interview with Cosmopolitan she confessed that the most difficult was sitting in front of the phone when her character of Gina called her mother in Cuba to tell her that she was kidnapped in Spain. The emotional content of the conversation affected the actress even outside the filming because she was sad outside the film set.

6-A shoot affected by the Covid

The Sky Rojo project began in November 2019 and filming had begun with a view to premiere in 2020. However, the coronavirus pandemic complicated the entire series and filming work returned in July 2020 with strict sanitary protocols. Finally, the show was able to premiere in March 2021.

5-The scene with the dogs

A scene between Coral and Moises went unnoticed on screen, but outside of it it was very curious. At a certain point, Miguel Ángel Silvestre, Moises’s interpreter, decides to adopt an abandoned dog to balance his bad actions. What seems like a simple sequence was complicated in reality because the animal attacked the actor to such an extent that they had to postpone filming.

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4-Doubles of the actors

Sky Rojo is packed with action and sex scenes. Some really demanding for any actor. For this reason, the production used several stuntmen during the filming. “You just couldn’t cope. There are too many action sequences. But I have also learned a lot to drive a car at high speed, to jump and fall in a certain way. It has been a lot of fun and very strong,” said Lali Esposito to the respect.

3-The winks to La Casa de Papel

Did you see Dalí’s mask? Inside the warehouse where Wendy de Moises and Christian are hiding, numerous carnival floats are kept. Among its elements is a clear reference to La Casa de Papel. Another aspect that connects both series are the locations: the Vancouver Media studios

2-Why Sky Rojo

Although at first you could think that it was “Red Sky”, the name of the series refers to the iconic sofa of this same color that is in the Las Novias brothel. It is an expression used in Spain to designate a certain synthetic material that imitates leather.

1-The scene of the attack on Gina

The scene where Romeo stabs Gina with a pen in the first episode was the longest of the entire first season. It took two weeks of filming to be able to take the images from different points of view. In addition, the actress was equipped with a special prosthesis to simulate the injury.


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