Winter sales on Steam: the great bargains you can’t miss

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The Winter Sale on Steam is a december classic. From Valve they offer a special discount campaign along with other promotions linked to community profiles. Among the new series of stickers, free stickers and badges, you can show off your holiday in front of your friends.

  • Winter sales on Steam: great games for less than 15 euros
  • Steam sales, the best games for less than € 1

Unlike other more specific pieces, here we will focus on discovering you some of the great games that are at an attractive price. Black Mesa is a perfect example of the ‘bargain’ known to all. For less than four euros you can with the most popular remake of Half-Life.

Winter sales on Steam: the most outstanding bargains

Then we leave you with our selection. Remember that they will be available until the day January 5 at 19:00 (CET).

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