With criticism of Santiago Cafiero, the International Airline Association canceled the meeting with the Government and tension grows over the restrictions on flights

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In the heat of controversy over those stranded abroad due to the limitations to enter the country, the Government added a new setback: the International Air Transport Association (IATA) reported that it will not attend the meeting that the Casa Rosada had called because no “authority make decisions ”was going to attend.

The vice president for Latin America of the organization Peter Cerdá had demanded an “urgent” meeting with the Executive and called the restrictions “a severe, isolated and disconnected of the world”. He stated that Argentina is “the only country which has a limitation of passengers per day ”, due to the pandemic. The hearing was convened by the National Civil Aviation Administration (ANAC).

Official sources informed TN.com.ar that the meeting will take place virtually in the morning and that the national authorities seek to defuse the latent conflict due to the imposition of the restrictions.

Shortly after the Government cut the passenger arrival quota of international flights from 2000 a 600 daily, the companies warned about the stranded and the worsening of the crisis in the sector. Cerdá stated that they understand that the Government is focused on “protecting the health and well-being of its citizens”, given the risk posed by the Delta strain.

He maintained that they did “everything possible to guarantee a secure connectivity in the country, despite the drastic operational restrictions that already exist.” He warned that the new limitations “will force airlines to leave abroad thousands of passengers, mainly Argentine citizens and residents, through no fault of their own ”, added to the crisis that has already dragged activity since the beginning of the pandemic.

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The executive asked the government for “leadership measures” and demanded “not to penalize the airlines that are bringing Argentines back to the country,” in statements to CNN Radio. He also stated that in the sector they do not have scientific evidence to justify the new restrictions and that air transport “it’s very safe”.

The Government stated that “there were stranded when there were no flights”

The Executive came out at the crossroads of criticism from the airlines. The head of the National Civil Aviation Administration (ANAC) Paola Tamburelli replied that “There were stranded when there were no flights.” He admitted that passengers “will have to to take time his arrival “and stated that”connectivity is assured, although with a smaller number of arrivals ”. He assured that they dialogue “every day so that all companies have the possibility of operating.”

In a strong defense of the measure, he said it was arranged to try to prevent “new strains of COVID-19 from entering the country and spreading.” He argued that the variants are extremely dangerous and very contagious “ and that is why the tests and isolations were implemented after the arrival from abroad. He said that initially they had appealed to individual responsibility but that the inspections determined that “38% of the people did not comply” with the quarantine, in statements to Radio 10.

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