With no quarantine and few restrictions, most land crossings with Brazil, Uruguay and Chile remain closed

Although the quarantine in Argentina ended ago some months and most of the restrictions due to the coronavirus pandemic, there are still several land border crossings with neighboring countries that are closed.

In the case of Brazil, there are only three land passes through which you can travel: one of them is the Tancredo Neves International Bridge, which connects Puerto Iguazú with Foz de Iguazú and has a daily capacity of 5000 people; Another is the Paso Bernardo de Irigoyen (Misiones), the so-called “dry border” through which only 5,000 travelers can pass every 24 hours; and the rest is that of Paso de los Libres, in Corrientes.

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For their part, there are other seven land crosses that are not enabled: Pepiri Guazu-Sao Miguel (Missions); Puerto Alba Posse (Missions); Puerto Paso de la Barca (Misiones); The Soberbio-P. Soberbo (Missions); Puerto San Antonio (Misiones); Andresito-Capanema (Missions); and Integración-Planalto (Misiones).

Taking into account that the summer holidays are approaching, and compared to January 2019, Before the pandemic, they entered the country through these 10 land border crossings that communicate with Brazil 3,434,805 people.

In turn, with Uruguay it’s just one the overland passage from Argentina that is enabled: it is that of Concordia-Salto, in Entre Ríos, although it is only open from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. and with a daily capacity of 350 people.

Meanwhile, the crossings between the two neighbors of the Río de la Plata that remain closed are: Gualeguaychú-Fray Bentos (Entre Ríos); and Colón-Paysandú (Entre Ríos). During January 2019, between the 3 steps, 301,724 travelers entered the country.

Also, with Chile they are three the border crossings that are enabled: one of them is the famous Christ the Redeemer (Mendoza), although it is only open from 8 to 20; the Pino Hachado, in Neuquén; and the Cardenal Antonio Samoré International Pass, also in the province of Neuquén.

However, there are five land crossings that remain closed despite the end of the quarantine and most restrictions: Paso Pehuenche, in Mendoza; Austral Monte Aymon Integration (Santa Cruz); Dorotea Pass (Santa Cruz); Don Guillermo River Pass (Santa Cruz); Jeinimeni River Pass (Santa Cruz). In January 2019, among the 8 steps, 561,695 people entered the country.

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It was precisely because of the closure of the steps located in Santa Cruz that the Legislature of the district governed by Alicia Kirchner asked the Chancellery, through a draft resolution, to intimate the Ministry of Health so that enable the aforementioned four land border crossings with the neighboring country that remain closed.

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