With Raspberry Pico: Build an extra keyboard for video conferences

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With Raspberry Pico: Build an extra keyboard for video conferences

Have you ever had a coughing fit in a video conference and did not hit the little microphone mute icon because you were coughing? Or did you have to quickly deactivate the camera because a crying child stormed into the room? An additional keyboard would be a blessing here, with large and easy-to-hit keys that send even the most cryptic keyboard shortcuts to an application in a fraction of a second.

In the new Make 3/21 we use the example of an expansion keyboard for Microsoft Teams to show you how you can easily build and program such a useful quick switch yourself with the Raspberry Pico. In our example project, we will use the keyboard shortcuts for functions such as raising hand, switching video and switching microphone. The Raspberry Pico is programmed in the easy-to-learn Python language, making it easy to adapt to other applications and will be explained later in the article.

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There is more on the subject in issue 3/21 of Make.

The new issue 3/21 of Make is available online and at the kiosk. With one of our subscriptions the magazine is already in the mailbox at the start of the magazine. You can also use the make conveniently as a Order the print version or PDF in the Heise Shop, even free of charge up to and including June 17th, 2021. If you prefer to read the Make digitally, you can do so in our apps for iOS and Android. You can also find the table of contents for Make 3/21 online.


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