With whom did Zendaya have more chemistry: Timothée Chalamet or Tom Holland?

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More than a month ago, zendaya Y Tom Holland they were the protagonists of the most anticipated news: Page Six found them kissing, thus confirming their relationship. And, despite the fact that neither of the two actors spoke about it, after the first images they were seen more than once enjoying different dates.

That is to say, these moments where they were seen zendaya Y Tom Holland together they deny the words of the same actors who on several occasions claimed to be just friends. “Is the perfect person“Said the British interpreter in an interview, flattering his co-star in Spiderman and then saying that he only loved her as a friend and even a mentor.

Zendaya and Tom Holland are the couple of the moment. Photo: (Getty)

However, now that the trilogy of the superhero that brought them together is coming to an end, everything seems to indicate that Holland and Zendaya left their fear behind and enjoy a sweet and tender relationship. Although, it should be noted that, in terms of work, they will not get together again, at least for now since both have separate projects.

In fact, the former Disney star is soon to be released. Dune, a film directed by Denis Villeneuve where she plays a girl named Chani. And, in this film, Zendaya stars alongside the great Timothée Chalamet and, despite the fact that the film has not yet been released, the trailer already shows that the actors are the protagonists of great chemistry during all the scenes.

Zendaya is part of the cast of Dune.  Photo: (Warner)

Zendaya is part of the cast of Dune. Photo: (Warner)

This is because her characters are a couple in the film and many began to wonder if the connection between the actors was greater than the one she had with Holland. But, the truth is that, unlike what happened in the Spiderman movies, now both Chalamet and zendaya they give life to two more adult roles than are Peter Parker and MJ.

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Although, it should be clarified that, beyond the plots and the difference of the characters, the chemistry between Zendaya and Tom is unmatched. And, the clear example is that they are the target of romance rumors since they were seen together for the first time in front of a screen.

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