“Without breasts, there is no paradise”: why Telemundo did not want Carmen Villalobos as the protagonist

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The soap opera “Without breasts, there is no paradise”Is considered one of the most important of the last decades, due to its invoice as a narco series and because of the high ratings it has achieved since its premiere in 2008, both in the United States, Colombia and other countries. Produced by Telemundo, the melodrama also became a stepping stone to fame for Carmen Villalobos placeholder image, the actress who played Catalina Santana.

Carmen Villalobos placeholder image is an actress who has participated in different Colombian productions. In addition to “Without breasts, there is no paradise“It has also been part of other soap operas such as” Bazurto “,” My heart insists on Lola Volcán “,” Rich children, poor parents “,”The Lord of the heavens“, among other.

All these soap operas have had a great public acceptance; However, one of the productions where the Colombian artist stood out the most was in “Without breasts, there is no paradise”.

However, before the choice of the protagonist of this successful production in Telemundo there were some circumstances that were taken into account. The telenovela was premiered in 2008 and after the success of the story based on the work of Gustavo Bolivar, Telemundo decided to continue with the melodrama.

The actress Carmen Villalobos placeholder image who currently lives in Miami (United States) with her husband, is one of the most representative figures of the artistic and acting environment in Colombia.

However, his participation in “Without breasts, there is no paradise“It was a narrow and unsuccessful because the choice of the actress for the main character was a very difficult task.

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It was like a reign of Miss Universe, that is, of the group of 50, 30, 20 the 10 finalists until at the end I was with another companion and it was time to choose the one who was“Said the actress in 2020 during a live on his Instagram account with journalist Paola Ovalle.

But the final decision had to do with a nationality issue, then, the writer of the soap opera, Gustavo Bolivar and the executive producer, Hugo Leon FerrerThey pointed out at all times that the protagonist had to be a Colombian actress. This did not suit Telemundo who always wanted the character to fall on a Mexican.

Yes or yes they told us that the girl had to be a Mexican and we ‘no, she has to be Colombian’. Hugo fought her, I fought her … We all said ‘no, it has to be Colombian, it’s a Colombian story’, and they ‘no, it has to be Mexican’”, shortly after the soap opera writer in a Live on Instagram.

That was not all, because in the presentation video of the project shown to advertisers in New York it was indicated that the story was carried out by a Mexican woman.

He appeared with a Mexican, I remember that the Upfront of Sin breasts, there is no paradise, the protagonist was a Mexican and we fought in that casting”, Bolívar sentenced.

Shortly after, Telemundo was convinced with the great talent of Carmen Villalobos placeholder image staying her with the main role.

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